Angela Monique is a Canadian writer, life coach, and research assistant at Ryerson university in Toronto. She has a passion for psychology and philosophy, exploring connections between health, cognition, consciousness, altered states, relationships, sexuality, the environment, art, politics, and society. Angela has made a number of philosophical critiques on more specific topics which you can read about in her blog and literary works. After gaining a great deal of knowledge and experience in personal development she is eager to share it with the world. As a coach, she helps people to identify and remove blocks that prevent them from achieving what they want in life whether that’s in health, career, or relationships. She also creates unique self-help content. Angela is diligent to ensure that all of her work is based on science. Spirituality, however, also has a strong influence on what she does. She believes that science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive, but are in fact different ways to explain the same things. Her biggest goal in life is to help get the rest of the world on board with that.